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What we're up to
Enabling adopters become makers
As Africans begin to adopt cryptocurrencies, which is just an aspect of blockchain, we don't want to see an Africa that only {use} blockchain products {made} by the rest of world.

Blockchain would only enrich Africa and Africans if we can be creators, developers, and makers for the world.

Centralized exchanges have really blown up our adoption rate and knowledge of an iota of what blockchain is. But in time, this has limited even everyone globally. Centralized exchanges and trading of cryptocurrencies are not all that is possible (and enriching) on the blockchain.
First we want the community of crypto enthusiasts to {know} how to interact with blockchain using Metamask. With this, they can use swaps, decentralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, explore NFTs etc.
Breaking that barrier, we can now move to {buidl} dApps, solutions, smartcontracts etc. on the blockchain too!
By increasing the number of Africans that know how to {utilize} with and build on the blockchain, we are not only breaking open an ecosystem of but an exponential tribe of financially independent job makers, blockchain devs, web3 devs and problem solvers who will {unblock Africa}.
September 10, 2022

NFT Garage, Lagos

Metamask Weekend is a community event organized by Unblock Africa for beginner and intermediate blockchain enthusiasts to learn how to interact with the blockchain, utilize the decentralized applications on it and learn how to deploy smart contracts.